The best 5 bars to celebrate

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The new semester has just started and you want to celebrate again before the first exams (or afterwards, there is always a reason to celebrate …)? No problem! We show you the 5 best Viennese bars to celebrate. Here you can not only go for a drink, it also goes off at a later hour.

Top Viennese bars to celebrate!

Travel Shack

We don’t actually have to say any words about the Travel Shack. Each of us probably has a story about the Travel Shack, which includes either a total crash or wild cuddling. No matter whether Monday, Tuesday (Tequila Tuesday!), Friday or even Sunday, you can really go out celebrating there every day – it is not for nothing that it is the first address for backpackers and students. With your FRYNX app you can not only get a free splash or captain cola, but also choose one of the notorious special shots!

Charlie P’s

There is now an almost unmanageable number of Irish pubs in Vienna, but Charlie P’s stands out in every way. Not only does the specially brewed ‘Go Charlie’ (free with your FRYNX app!) Taste great, but also the daily parties in the basement are legendary. Rumor has it that there is nowhere better for aspiring doctors than at Medical Tuesday, but of course we cannot comment on that.

Pappala Pub

We don’t have to introduce the Pappala Pub to the Boku students among you, but it wouldn’t hurt for the WU and Juridicum students to move outside of their Volksgarten bubble. A relaxed pub in the Gürtel arches, which is the first point of contact for Boku students after the lectures, but is open every day until 4 in the morning, when the relaxed atmosphere usually ends quickly.


The Vulcania in the first district is also open every day until the wee hours. It is located in the epicenter of the Bermuda Triangle, so to speak, and is a guarantee for happy, wet evenings. For those with a higher alcohol level, the urge to prove themselves is recommended to ‘nail’.


Finally, a slightly different party tip. Few people know that there is a party room in the back of the Bolena (an excellent Italian restaurant and wine bar in the front) that can be rented for private parties of up to 100 people. You can even take your own favorite DJ with you.

Already in party mood? Then download the FRYNX app from the stores and get your free drink the next time you leave!