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With FRYNX, you get one free drink a day at one of our partner bars.

FRYNX is really simple: just choose any bar in the app, select a drink, show the drink screen to the waiter in that bar and let him confirm your choice with a tab on the orange button on your smartphone. You also need to consume at least one more item of your choice in this bar before, with or after your free drink.

After you received the drink, you cannot get another drink until noon of the next day, also not in other bars.

You can choose one of our partner bars every day. However, you can only go 5 times per month into the same bar.

The FRYNX subscription is € 5.99 per month, for which you can get up to 31 drinks. Accepted payment methods are via credit card or SEPA Direct Debit.

No, you don’t. Whenever you register, your personal payment cycle starts. That means: if you register on the 15th of a month, your subscription runs until the 15th of the next month and then renews itself automatically

Our partner bars can choose themselves what drinks they offer. Click on the different bars to see their selection of drinks. The variety ranges from cocktails to long drinks, beer, wine, schnapps or drinks without alcohol.

Immediately. As soon as you have created an account and verified your payment details you are good to go.

Your data won’t be shared with third parties and bars will only get anonymized data. That means that bars get the information what has been ordered but not who ordered.

No. You can cancel your subscription anytime through the app. Please do mind that deleting the app alone does not automatically end the FRYNX subscription.

For bars, FRYNX is a good opportunity to advertise their venue and to get new customers. Bars of course also appreciate if you order more drinks or something to eat after the free one.

Yes, absolutely! If you share your referral code (find it in the upper right corner of the app) with your friends, they can try FRYNX one month for free and you also get one additional free month.

Yes, you can simply write us a mail with the name of your bar to and we will get back to you.