The 5 most unusual cocktail bars in Vienna

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There are many cocktail bars in Vienna and yet you get caught scurrying back to the local pub every weekend. Vienna not only offers an immense number of bars, but also has some really unusual bars. We went in search of the 5 most unusual cocktail bars in Vienna.

Top cocktail bars in Vienna

Matiki Bar

If you’ve never been to Hawaii, you can change that now! And in the middle of Vienna. More specifically in the 7th district. Because the Matiki Bar is one of the winey “Tiki” bars in Vienna. With its exotic atmosphere and unusual drinks, it has convinced all cocktail lovers in Vienna since xy 201x.
Well, many bars have a nice atmosphere and good cocktails, but what we particularly liked about the Matiki Bar was that they were 100% committed to the motto.
Even the website already awakens holiday feelings in us and that’s what you want from a cocktail bar. Or?
But as the saying goes, pictures say more than words. So see for yourself or even better, grab your mobile phone and get a free drink with FRYNX in Vienna’s best Tiki Bar.

Timo’s Living Room

Our number two is not just any living room. This living room is Vienna’s first beer cocktail bar. Somewhat hidden in the 6th district is this slightly different bar – Timo’s Living Room – with a large counter, cozy atmosphere and the best beer cocktails in Vienna. This cocktail bar amazed us with its mysterious charm, cozy corners for flirting and unusual cocktails. Timo himself runs his bar with the motto “Come as a guest and leave as a friend”, which makes leaving the bar even more difficult. So watch out, this bar has 100% regular pubs.


Some of you will know it – the above. The cafe on the main library. Once you have climbed the 102 steps to the café, you have one of the best views in Vienna. And this can not only be enjoyed wonderfully in one of the beach chairs in summer, but also in winter.

However, what very few people know is that the above turns into one of the best cocktail bars in Vienna at night. With an extensive range of bars, all possible cocktail wishes are fulfilled. The urban view fascinates both day and night. But what we particularly appreciate about the above is the quality of the drinks.

“Because mixing is just as much a culinary art as cooking” – Das Abben

PS: The above can also be reserved for private occasions.


The absinthe and cocktail bar in the 8th district in Vienna.
If you want to know what an American-Balinese-Thai bar looks like, you should definitely visit the Omar. We were definitely impressed with this special atmosphere. But the Omar can also triumph with a slightly different cocktail menu. Because in addition to the immense range of absinthe varieties, the bar launched 3 new cocktails per season in 2012. Created according to seasonal availability, climatic conditions and based on traditions and the image of the ingredients, the bartenders conjure up cocktails that have never been sipped.


The cocktail bar on the Danube Island.
Sandy beach, deck chairs and water … there is hardly a better location for a cocktail bar. But it is not the location and the fruity cocktails that make this bar in Vienna something special, but the numerous beach parties that turn into a Caribbean dream every night.

But if you prefer to have it cozy, you can just chill during the day – even on Sundays – and enjoy free drinks and sun. And dare to jump into the Danube.

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